Aquila Power Catamaran

An Aquila power catamaran owner in Miami, Florida, is thrilled with their Handcraft Mattress Company custom beds and linens! Weekend more often in your boat with our real beds!

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Lagoon 450

Catamaran owners we can make your custom beds! Our Florida customer with a Lagoon 450 is sleeping comfortably onboard with a plush, luxe HMC bed.

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2018 Pursuit 355

A custom System 5 (our top-of-the-line mattress), 9 1/2” thick, 2-Piece mattress with zipper down the middle and hinge fold so bed can be removed.

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Shipping Available Worldwide

Have you put in your HMC order yet? It’s not too late to get a custom, comfortable Handcraft Mattress Company boat bed for your weekend adventures! Shipping available worldwide! Contact us today-we can make any size bed for any size berth!

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