Mattress Pad Protectors

Protect your mattress with one of our custom Mattress Pad Protectors and help prolong the life of your HMC mattress! We have 3 styles to choose from: our HMC Standard Mattress Pad Protector 100% Cotton with 6oz fiber fill; our HMC Deluxe Mattress Protector 100% all-cotton fabric top with 12oz fiber fill;  or our HMC Premium Mattress Pad Protector with an all-cotton fabric top and sides with 100% cotton filling.  All pad protectors are customized to fit your HMC mattress; and waterproof vinyl backing is an available option. All custom mattress pad protectors are labeled to each individual mattress bed at the head (top) for easy installation and removal.


HMC Standard Mattress Pad

Soft 100% cotton fabric top with a 6oz fiber fill that adds a lightly quilted layer. Finished with an attached elasticized skirt on all sides. Waterproofing is available.