All Handcraft Company Mattresses are hand-tailored to custom fit each individual boat’s specifications. We offer Innerspring, Pocket Coil, Latex, Gel Memory Foam and Foam Mattress options. Every mattress is designed for the marine environment with vinyl marinization on the bottom, sides and edges of the mattress against the hull to protect it from moisture seeping into the mattress causing mold and mildew. All beds fold for easy installation and our custom hinge-fold design option allows easy access to storage underneath.  Our mattresses are made in the USA and include a limited lifetime warranty.  Experience superior comfort and quality sleep on a real bed with premium comfort layers and plush, quilted fabrics.


Innerspring and Pocket Coil mattresses are offered in 5 styles to accommodate a variety of sleepers, including stomach sleepers, those with back pain and heavier individuals. Premium pillow-top options offer extra padding for a softer feel.

Innerspring & Pocket Coil Mattresses


Latex mattresses are hypo-allergenic, mildew-proof and constructed from bacteria resistant breathable domestic Talalay latex. These denser, heavier mattresses deliver stability and better support for heavyweight sleepers.

Latex Mattresses


Gel Memory Foam mattresses contour to your body and better distribute weight to provide pressure relief. The gel foam comfort layer draws heat away from the body for a cooler sleeping experience.

Gel Memory Foam Mattresses


Foam mattresses offer comfort and a cost-effective solution for bunks, crew or guestroom mattresses.

Foam Mattresses