Innerspring & Pocket Coil Mattresses

Our Innerspring Mattresses have premium Bonnell coils (hourglass-shaped springs that provide support) in 4-turn low coil or 5-turn tall coil availability. Premium pocket coils and micro coils offer the same technology used in brand name mattresses for the home.  Our Innerspring Mattresses are made with premium comfort layers and plush, quilted fabrics.

The Mariner ~ medium firm

The Mariner is a low profile, medium firm custom Innerspring mattress. This is a great choice for Crew, Guest, and Bunks staterooms where thickness is an issue.

TYPE: Innerspring
HEIGHT: 6″ low coil or 7″ tall coil
FIRMNESS: Medium Firm

System 2 ~ extra firm

System 2 is a premium standard profile firm mattress with tall coil construction. This mattress is a great choice for Owner or VIP staterooms.

TYPE: Innerspring
HEIGHT: 6 1/2″ low coil or 7 1/2″ tall coil
FIRMNESS: Extra Firm

System 3 ~ medium firm pillow-top

System 3 is a medium firm, premium low profile, pillow-top mattress.

TYPE: Innerspring
HEIGHT: 7 1/2″ low coil or 8 1/2″ tall coil
FIRMNESS: Medium Firm
PRICE: $$$

System 4 ~ plush pillow-top

System 4 is one of our best sellers and comes with premium bamboo fabric with Cool Touch® features. Tack and jump quilting give this mattress a plush, pillow-top feel.

TYPE: Innerspring
HEIGHT: 8 1/2″ low coil or 9 1/2″ tall coil
FIRMNESS: Medium Firm
PRICE: $$$$

System 5 ~ super plush, medium firm pillow-top

System 5 is our most popular mattress featuring eco-friendly deluxe Tencel® fabric quilted to Latex and wool for a super plush, medium firm pillow-top style mattress. Pocket no motion coils make it more comfortable for others sleeping in the same bed.

TYPE: Innerspring
HEIGHT: 8 1/2″ or 9 1/2″
FIRMNESS: Medium Plush
PRICE: $$$$$