Shipping Available Worldwide

Have you put in your HMC order yet? It’s not too late to get a custom, comfortable Handcraft Mattress Company boat bed for your weekend adventures! Shipping available worldwide! Contact us today-we can make any size bed for any size berth!

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Princess 50′

A custom HMC boat bed built for a Princess 50’ yacht’s fiberglass Owner stateroom platform berth. This unique bed has multiple steps & variations in the construction to fit the varied platform space perfectly!

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Mercedes Sprinter Van

Do you know we make custom RV, van and home mattresses too? Our Boulder, CO customers love their plush HMC Latex mattress in their Mercedes Sprinter van - ensuring many restful nights on the road this summer!

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Offshore 64′ Yacht

Another pleased San Francisco Bay area customer with an Offshore 64’ yacht now has our System 5 top-of-the-line custom boat mattress with a special soft side and firm side made for his and hers! Get your order in today for any shape berth, any size bed!

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